Problem Solving Through Engineering and Testing

In keeping with our tradition of total service, we become extensively involved in client environmental problems both on-site and in the laboratory. We are an independent environmental consulting and laboratory firm specializing in environmental, chemical and microbiological testing, and problem solving.

Some client problems can be answered simply by routine testing under routine conditions. However, some problems may require extensive consultation, research, and in-depth investigations. In either case, we have the capabilities to analyze problems in the depth required.

Listed below are areas we investigate:

  • Environmental Air, Water, and Waste (Asbestos, Mold, Radon, Pesticides, Organics, Formaldehyde, Drinking Water, Waste Water, Groundwater, Hazardous Materials, other Contaminants)
  • Worker Exposure (Noise, Chemicals, Particles, Indoor Air, Ventilation, Radiation, and OSHA)
  • Microbiology (Air/Water Bacteria, Mold, Fungus, Indoor Air, Waste Degradation)
  • General (Foods, Fuels, Products)
  • Research and Development

One key to our success is diversification. We assist our clients by providing professional services in a wide range of technical areas. These services include consultation on sampling and analytical programs, performing specific analyses in support of our client's internal program, project coordination, assessing client problems, and method development.

Our experience and expertise in problem solving directly benefits your company and makes us uniquely qualified to meet your needs. Whether your problem appears simple or complex, give us a call. We will objectively evaluate the problem and assist you in finding a solution.

The total service concept practiced at Dalrymple Consulting, Inc. takes us into a wide array of environmental programs. Please contact us for technical information on our services and how they can benefit your company.