Asbestos, Mold and Hazardous Material Solutions

If asbestos and or mold is identified in a building, many decisions must be made to ensure the health and safety of the building occupants.

Dalrymple Consulting, Inc. can provide you with various options to handle your asbestos problems. These options include removal, encasement or enclosure of the asbestos containing material. If it is not feasible to select from these options, an excellent asbestos management program that includes periodic air monitoring, inspections, and hazard training can be designed for your building.

Dalrymple Consulting, Inc. has extensive experience in developing design and bid specifications for asbestos abatement projects, assist in selection of qualified contractors and monitoring the performance of the contractor during the asbestos abatement work.

We have a wealth of experience involving air monitoring and laboratory analysis to detect any hazardous releases or exposures to asbestos. This ensures that all applicable Federal (EPA and OSHA), state and local regulations are strictly adhered to by the contractor during the removal and disposal of asbestos.

Dalrymple Consulting, Inc. also offers a full range of environmental hazard consulting services for such materials as PCB's, lead paint, mold, formaldehydes, and radon.

The excellent track record and extensive experience that Dalrymple Consulting, Inc. has earned guarantees you have made a wise choice in selecting our firm to work with you.